June 4, 2017 Radio Topic: Moving to Chicago?

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Hey college grads, do you know where you'll be living when you graduate and move to Chica5/14 Topic
ARE YOU THINKING OD DOWNSIZINGgo? Here's your 2nd  commencement speech...Welcome home to Chicago. The greatest city in the world! also read on for the 10 mistakes not to make when you buy your house.

 So, college grads,CONGRATULATIONS!!! Are you excited to be done? And moving to your own place, or maybe in w/ a room mate... or 3! Welcome to the working world! So let's get you set up.  I get it,  I've worked with tons of graduates getting started in their first apartments. It's probably your first home of your own. You can go crazy figuring out which neighborhood to live in,

So let's talk about Chicagos neighborhoods.

Are you Starting 'strong'? Your affluent neighborhoods are the GOLD COAST, MAGNIFICENT MILE & STREETERVILLE Here you'll find streets lined with historic mansions and specialty boutiques, and are you hungry? amazing Chicago steakhouse! There are more than 460 stores,300 restaurants and 60 hotels. And that's just in this corner by LSD.

In RIVER NORTH, factories and warehouses were transformed into work spaces and artists studios. The dining scene is always buzzing-from  knockout noodle digs, Tapas Places & fab pizzerias. The ares is buzzing night clubs, wine bars and cocktail lounges with retractable roofs. ALSO in RN is The 'riverwalk' that just opened a mile and a quarter pedestrian stretch that runs along the south bank of the Chicago River from Lake Shore Drive to Lake Street. It’s made up of six coves or "rooms." It’s a grown-up playground and you can get there on a water taxi. great for lunch or after work for happy hour. Rhe riverwalk is a lesson in ecology & smart urban planning.


Are you a Cubs fan? Personally a huge Cubs fan. Rickets is transforming the neighborhood. WRIGLEYVILLEs famous intersection Scheffield Clark, Addison is always buzzing.It's in Lakeview. Lincoln Park is ALWAYS popular. Do you have a dog?  This is where people take their dogs to play with other dogs and guess what else happens there?  Your dog might even introduce you to your next date!!!

And are you a runner it biker? In Lincoln park you'll love the most amazing lake views and recreation activities.There's volleyball clubs, biking clubs and Softball fields everywhere.

ROSCOE VILLAGE sometimes referred to as BOYSTOWN - A charming homey and Quaint neighborhood just a few blocks west of Lake Michigan.

LOGAN SQUARE –  hot hot hot new condo spot for millennials. There's always a shift, and right now it's to Logan Square.

WICKER PARK / BUCKTOWN – great bites at 6 corners and strolls down Division

Get in the city, So many things to do and see!

Outdoor restaurant venues, City concerts: Northerly Island, Grant Park not to mention terrific neighborhood street fairs w/ live music. But these shadow taste of Chicago.


10 deadly mistakes buyers make when purchasing a home:

1) choose a real estate agent who is committed to form a strong business relationship with you

2) not getting prequalified before making an offer on a home

3) not knowing the total cost involved (closing costs, title, attorney fees)

4) not searching beyond open houses ads or the Internet

5) not considering alternatives for what you think is the perfect home, you never know what you are ok w/ until you see it

6) not contemplating long-term needs (Will this home suit your needs 3-5 years from now? How about 10 years from now?)

7) not following through on due diligence (be informed about the community, where the schools are, where the power-lines are. The water source. Ask questions. (Be thorough so you have confidence in this huge decision)

8) not having a home inspection (The inspector will reveal potential issues that may affect your purchase decisions and things you might need to deal with down the road.

9) not examining insurance issues…pull CLUE report?

10) not purchasing a home warranty